EMF Testing CT

If you’re concerned by your smart meter or cell phone tower outside your window, let Healthy Dwellings identify your exposures and reduce or eliminate them.

Electromagnetic Radiation is an often misunderstood subject. But of course, when it comes to your health, nothing should be understated.

There are many common symptoms linked to EMR which include fatigue and difficulty sleeping. But homeowners can also experience much more serious conditions such as fibromyalgia and other various autoimmune conditions. As a result, EMF testing can be vital to your health.

EMF can be a combination of both electric fields and magnetic fields. Produced by the voltage present on an electrical system, some common electric field sources include: non-shielded internal wiring, power cords, alarm clocks and appliances. Most notably, these appliances do not even have to be “on” to emit a field. Healthy Dwellings checks for all of these circumstances.

Produced by the current flow in wiring systems, magnetic fields can pose a danger to you and your loved ones. First of all, studies have shown that flaws in a building’s wiring system can lead to elevated magnetic fields. Furthermore, these wiring mistakes are in fact, code violations and should be eliminated. Therefore, Healthy Dwellings specializes in identifying these elevated levels and thus, eliminating the danger.

Identifying areas within your home where hidden exposures exist is the key to an electromagnetic evaluation. We’ll discuss industry “best practices” related to use of common electronic equipment and cellular phones. And because of this, we’ll help keep your exposure to a minimum or eliminate them altogether.

Evaluations typically involve assessment of magnetic and electrical fields, radio frequency or wireless transmissions and dirty electricity. Assessments can also be tailored to your specific concerns or needs.


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