Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Do you have a particular odor you can’t identify? Or you just don’t feel quite right inside your home?  It’s possible you need an indoor air quality inspection.  Indoor air climate has a seemingly limitless list of possible pollutants. Building materials, furnishings, mechanical equipment, occupants and occupant activities all create pollutants. From gasses to particles and allergens, exposure to these pollutants can cause immediate short term effects such as headaches and nausea. They can also cause longer term effects such as respiratory diseases, heart disease and even cancer.

Healthy Dwellings uses a knowledge of building science along with various testing methods to identify the cause.  These testing methods include particulate counting, air sampling, allergen sampling, combustible gas detection as well as many others. Therefore, we can tackle the known culprits that may be damaging your help.

High Humidity And Moisture

High humidity and moisture is another set of factors to look at. Both are not only uncomfortable for those living in a home, but also promotesthe growth of biologicals, such as dust mites and molds. Controlling moisture intrusion is the key to controlling many problems that adversely affect health.

At Healthy Dwellings, we use various approaches, including the latest technology such as infrared thermal imaging to assess your home. Infrared thermal imaging along with microscope utilization on site are some ways to analyze samples for immediate results.  Hence, the quicker the problem can be identified, the quicker we can move towards resolving the problem.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a much misunderstood subject as well as a much understated one when it comes to indoor air quality and your health. There are many common symptoms which have been linked to EMR, including fatigue, difficulty sleeping to much more serious conditions such as fibromyalgia and other various autoimmune conditions.

An electromagnetic evaluation, will identify areas within your home where hidden exposures exist and how to eliminate or reduce your exposure to them. In this evaluation we will discuss industry “best practices” related to use of common electronic equipment and cellular phones to keep your exposure to a minimum. Evaluations typically involve assessment of magnetic and electrical fields, radio frequency or wireless transmissions and dirty electricity. Consequently, indoor air quality inspections can also be tailored to your specific concerns or needs.


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